Hotellet i San Francisco

God dag,
Jag har resfeber som vanligt och har nu surfat runt lite och hittade några recentioner om vårat hotell i San Francisco. Inte någo höjdare kanske...

Några utdrag ifrån några gäster som har varit där nu i september 2008.
En man skriver - “I'd rather sleep in my car.”

The outside of the hotel is surrounded by homeless people. Once we were in the room the hot water took about five minutes to heat up. The hot water never even worked in the sink. Forget about sleeping if your room faces the street. There is nothing but sirens all night long.

Windows frames in the room were rotten and were dangerous for our small child - no bar facility, no food facility, grubby reception area and lifts broken and not to mention the location - leaving the hotel front entrance is like walking onto a set of 'Night of the Living Dead'! The hotel is oposite the civic centre where all the homeless congregate. The taxi driver who picked us up from the hotel was suprised to see us with a small child staying their???

When we first arrived at the hotel we did not feel very safe. The street we drove down was very run down and there were big african american people yelling at each other.
The lobby of the hotel was ok, but the couches were extreamly dirty and did not look like they had had a clean in centuries.

Kanske de bara har börjat att fira Halloween välldigt tidigt på det här hotellet??

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